Providing marketing resources for Christian creators:

How it works:

       1. YOU create (what God gives you)

                    Books, Music, CD's, Art,

       2. We review for quality and craftsmanship (we'll obviously need a sample--send sample and Contractual Agreement)

       3. Once your product is accepted, you email pictures and description.

       4. We add to our website

       5. Customers place order through our secure shopping cart

       6. We collect funds

       7. We send you an email with customer and order info

       8. You ship your product to the customer

       9. We pay you


      10. Yes--there is a trust issue here--both on our part and on yours. However, your risk is basically one (count 'em 1) unit of your product. Our risk is having to eat a little crow and refund the purchase price. Sign up, give it a try. The risk is exceedingly small, and we, too are Christians. As such, we have proven trustworthy.