Providing marketing resources for Christian creators:

Who we are:

       We, too, are Christian creators. After running a Christian Bookstore in Estes Park, CO, for several years, we became convicted that there are many other creative Christian people out there who:

        1. Have been gifted by God

       2. Are creative

       3. Struggle to market what they've created



       God gave us this idea. It's a win-win for everybody involved.

       1. Church groups can set up their own Christian bookstore for an incredibly small fee ($25/year)

      2. Those church groups can receive profits on every sale that comes through their website. We email flyers--all you do is hand them out.

       3. Christian creators do not have to quit any other marketing--this is just another place where you can market.

       4. We take a small cut of the profit, which enables us to go do Christian ministry that God puts before us.